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Tye Oddy – OC Basketball

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Meet Tye, a 2nd year veteran and leader on the Coyotes team! Despite being a 2nd year basketball player and Okanagan college business student, this isn’t Tye’s 2nd year of post secondary education. Tye spent a year at college in Medicine Hat Alberta before joining the Coyotes. He has traveled all over North America, playing basketball every step of the way. Calling Calgary home, Tye followed to where the petroleum industry took his father. From there, basketball took him from Calgary to Houston, Vernon to West Kelowna and finally Medicine Hat to Kelowna.Many things changed in these moves but the support from family and love for basketball never wavered. It was actually support from his father (along with many others) that helped build the OC Basketball program.

Despite the challenges of change being tough at times, Tye looks back on it all very fondly, believing it is what helped shape who he is today. The passion for basketball and sport helped immensely as it facilitated friendships at every stop. Like many successful athletes, sport often runs in the family and Tye’s story is no exception. His grandpa was a professional lacrosse player but a falling out put a chip on Tye’s shoulder. This drive to prove something evolved with the help of his close knit support system into a love for basketball. Tye credits his mom’s similar mindset and both parents constant encouragement to pursue basketball with unfettered determination.

Tye is a firm believer that God gives the toughest battles to his toughest soldiers. Keeping this in mind, he has found that basketball is a reflection of life in many ways and has learned innumerable lessons on the court that translated to life off the court. You will see Tye in crutches at the moment but know with the mindset he carries, he’ll be on the court before you know it. Playing or not, you won’t miss his pragmatic personality or family in the stands of every game.
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