Is Your Team

Values over Victory

Have your team join the Values over Victory campaign and become the difference makers in your community.

Values First Organization

Show the world your team puts values first and looks beyond the player's stat line

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health and social media go hand in hand, make sure your players, coaches, parents and fans know how to stay safe

Community Engagement

You rely on the community and the community relies on your team to step up and contribute positively to it

Sponsored Packages

Work with your sponsors to demonstrate their commitment to the health and safety of the players and community

"Those values start at home. The ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’ – the little things seem to be a little lost right now. Sometimes you have to remind your own kids about those little things. As a coach, you can certainly also implement those things in your programs and your associations.”

Scott SandelinHead Coach - University of Minnesota-Duluth

“The goal of the staff at La Masia is to provide young kids with an education that goes far beyond football tactics and technique; it makes them good people, with strong values.”

Thomas LeonardCoaching Pioneer

“Let’s face it. You can’t teach your players all the hundreds of life lessons there are to teach. But if you FOCUS on a small set of core values every day in your practices and actions, you can have a tremendous positive effect on your players”

John WoodenHead Coach - UCLA

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