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Seth Blundell – OC Basketball

By November 1, 2018 No Comments

Meet Seth, the second year Okanagan College Coyote and second year Associative Arts major. The Victoria, BC native made the move to the interior at the age of 3 with his family where they relocated to Vernon. That family was and continues to be a constant in Seth’s life as the move to Vernon put his family next door to his grandparents. Growing up in Vernon, attending Vernon Secondary School, he was always treated to a home cooked meal one way or another. Regularly going back now, is no exception as his parents are still in the same house.

A tried, true and committed basketball player now, it wasn’t always the case. For much of Seth’s childhood and adolescence, hockey was number one. Growing up in Vernon, watching the Viper and having a number of friends in hockey, it wasn’t until grade 7 that Seth started playing ball. He has always had a deep passion for all sports but it was in grade 10 where he sat down with his parents and weighed the pros and cons of pursuing hockey vs basketball. While it’s easy now to see which won out, it’s not an easy decision for any 15 year old make. By focusing solely on basketball, Seth had to leave friends he’d been with nearly everyday, a routine he’d been in for years, and a community he’d been a part of for the better part of his life. However, with the support of his family and friends, Seth made the transition to pursue basketball full time. The support and positive programs at VSS helped make the move easier along with coach Glen Garvey and trainer Warren Collum. While not his favourite coach, Garvey saw potential and pushed Seth hard. This paired with Warren’s training pushed Seth through his year off after highschool and onto Coyotes.

Despite being in a place he enjoys now, playing a sport he’s passionate about; Seth wishes he would’ve taken the time to fully understand and listen when people were trying to help him. Hindsight is always 20/20 and he now realized that most the people that were trying to forward his career had been in the same position before and were only doing it to benefit him. Regardless, he’s still succeeded and you’ll catch him on the court this year in the black and red. Come watch Seth and the rest of the OC Coyotes in action tonight and tomorrow! Keep following along for more stories from your favourite Okanagan basketball program.

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