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Sapna Deo – OC Basketball

By November 1, 2018 No Comments

Meet Sapna a 1st year Human Kinetics student and recent addition to the Okanagan College Coyotes. Being a multi-sport athlete growing up, Sapna had her fair share of injuries and physiotherapy that fostered an interest in the Human Kinetics field. The underdog mentality embodied by the OC Basketball program is one reason Sapna eventually decided on the Coyotes. As a smaller athlete herself, she identifies with being underestimated and using that perception to power her drive. That mentality paired with the city-wide excitement and opportunity surround the Okanagan College program is what eventually drew Sapna to the Coyotes.

Much like her brother who started off in soccer then transitioning to basketball, Sapna is a multi-sport athlete who got her start in soccer as well. With the full support of her parents, who pushed her into sports, Sapna dove headfirst into basketball. It was her Mom that first encouraged her to try out for higher tier and club teams because as most moms do, believed in her 100%. In addition to her big brother, it was her middle school basketball coach, Chris Harvey, who she identifies as one person who attributed greatly to get her where she is now. He, much like her family, saw potential in her, worked extra hours in the gym that’s not asked of a middle school coach and most importantly, continually demanded more as he saw she had more to give.

Despite some hesitation to join a close-knit OC club, Sapna, along with her family that moved with her, is excited to start this year in the Okanagan. Listening to her own advice will be important this first year as she says it’s crucial to take a step back every once in a while to take it all in and appreciate where you are. Look for Sapna come the start of the PacWest season with her bright smile and endearing personality lighting up the court. Keep following along for more #ValuesOverVictory stories and feel free to share your own story of moving to a new city or starting something new in the Topics section!

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