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There are countless newspaper articles from around the globe that summarize and discuss the impact social media has on our and our children’s mental health. Though not as reliable as scientific journals, we at Values over Victory encourage you to browse the articles and examine the correlation between social media and mental health. These articles are supported and built off of a variety of sources from scientific journals to interviews and general information. These newspaper articles all support the argument that social media has a negative effect on psychological well-being and each provides interesting and valuable statistics and information worth reading. We at Values over Victory have a cache of over 2000 articles about the dangers of social media, however, we picked just a few to share with you here!

The School Bully Has Moved Online And Is Following Children Home

Matt Hancock: Social Media An ‘Urgent’ Danger To Children’s Mental Health

Why Social Media Can Be Damaging for Young People

Hows Does Facebook Addiction Affect Self- Worth

Three Children In Every Classroom Suffering Mental Health Problem Fuelled By Social Media, Bernardos Chief Warns

How Technology use Affects Teens’ Mental Health – And How Schools Are Trying To Help

NHS Will Ramp Up Children’s Mental Health Care To Deal With Social Media Fallout

Web Giants ‘Fuel Child Mental Health Crisis’


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