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Megan Admussen-Blair – OC Basketball

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Meet Megan Admussen-Blair, a veteran, and leader on the Okanagan College Coyotes women’s basketball team. While pursuing a championship for the Coyotes in their inaugural PacWest season, on the student half of the student-athlete pseudonym, Megan is entering her 2nd year of Business at OC. WIth a focus in marketing, she hopes to forge a path that keeps her involved with athletics. From Penticton, the Coyotes program hits close to home for Megan as she loves her playing in front of the same fans who’ve watched her compete in previous years. It also allows her mom to make nearly every home game and gives Megan the opportunity to play with her best friend.

Megan originally picked up a basketball in grade 5, but there were other sports to play first and it wasn’t until grade 10 that she realized basketball was her calling. After that point, everything started to happen real quick. Before long it was marathon practices, Team BC, scholarships, and moving to Vancouver for better training opportunities. While these changes took sacrifice, Megan didn’t look at it that way as it was all for something she loved. These changes also opened up an opportunity; as before settling on the OC program, it was another post-secondary institution whose attention was drawn to Megan. Megan originally signed with UVIC, however, there were a number of factors that wouldn’t allow Megan to fully commit to the program despite Jeff Goodis, a mentor who helped her connect to UVIC. While she loved playing basketball, there was just something missing on the island that the program at Okanagan College was able to provide.

From the pride of being part of an inaugural program to the opportunity to be a role model to younger players on the team and in the community, Megan feels at home with the Coyotes. With Danielle, her best friend of 14 years, on the court with her, Megan is confident and excited to get this 2018-19 basketball season underway. As many of the teachings from her influences growing up, like her Mom and Mr. John Buckley at Princess Margaret, still motivating her to reach her greatest potential, she’s sure to be a force on the court this year. Be sure to catch Megan, Danielle, and the rest of the Okanagan College Coyotes women’s basketball team as they embark on their PacWest Championship campaign starting November 2nd!

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