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Ka Ho Sum – OC Basketball

By November 1, 2018 No Comments

Hailing from Hong Kong, we’d like to introduce you all to Ka Ho, or more commonly known by his friends and teammates, Chris. Majoring in Science, Chris is using his time here to study and perfect his English while playing basketball which has always been a passion for him. Chris actually moved straight from Hong Kong to Kelowna after trying to work for half a year back home. He and his family consulted an agent with experience in the Canadian post-secondary basketball world on which college and eventually landed on Okanagan College.

As expected moving 10,397 kilometers across the ocean is no easy move for anybody, much less someone who isn’t well versed in the language. Understandably Chris misses Hong Kong, after all, he had to leave family, friends and the bright lights of Hong Kong all behind on the other side of the world. However, Chris is adamant, playing basketball has helped the transition to the Interior. He says the basketball is familiar here but also does come with a number of cultural differences. Chris mentioned the fact there is quite a bit more communication and talking on the court compared to back home. In addition, he said the practices are much more serious here and it translates on the court as well. When playing at the PacWest requires, tensions often flare on the court but Chris said he’s learning to let it go afterward. That anger was once channeled on the football field as football was the first sport Chris played growing up. As he got taller, basketball started taking over from football and he eventually made the full transition to basketball. Despite their disapproval of him pursuing basketball in Canada, Chris’s parents back in Hong Kong have continued to support his post-secondary advancement in pursuit of bettering his English. They have told him he has to finish his degree here before he goes back which is the likely scenario he sees once done school.

While he may head back to Hong Kong in the future, Chris is making the most of his time here with the Coyotes Basketball program. As previously mentioned, the close-knit nature of the team has made the transition much easier and admittedly pulled Chris out of his comfort zone at times. He’s excited to get the season started and looks forward to pulling on an OC Coyote jersey for the first time as an official PacWest athlete! Chris and the Coyotes played Camosun last night and take them on one more time today before heading back to Kelowna!

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