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Jenna Maclennan – OC Basketball

By November 1, 2018 No Comments

Meet Jenna Maclennan, a veteran on the Okanagan College Coyotes women’s basketball team and feature of today’s Values over Victory story. The 21 year old joined Okanagan College to play basketball but the student half of the student-athlete is pursuing a career in ultrasound that will a require a journey through the BCIT ultrasound program. Jenna made a normally rocky transition smooth when moving from the small Heritage Christian School here in Kelowna to the much larger Okanagan College.

Now that Maclennan name might sound familiar to some,as there will also be Maclennan behind the Women’s team bench this season, Assistant Coach Kyle Maclennan. Kyle is the second oldest of Jenna’s SEVEN brothers! While the coach/brother combination may not be your cup of team, Kyle has been Jenna’s coach since grade 9 so it’s nothing new to her and she believes it’s a challenge that has helped her develop. When she picked up a basketball in grade 6, it was in hopes of being included in her older brothers’ games. Sometimes she got included, other times not, despite the ups and downs, they definitely toughened her up. Being the youngest, and the only girl, Jenna often hung out her cousins family whose children are made up of six girls and just one boy. Despite the friendly “brotherly love”, Jenna says she wouldn’t change it for anything as they along with her Dad have been nothing but supportive.

You’ll see Jenna on the court this year, pushing play and helping lead the team to a PacWest championship. When asked what advice she’d give her younger self, Jenna wisely replied, “try harder and don’t worry about looking silly for trying to hard. Forget about what other people think and just do you.” Listening to that advice now, don’t be surprised to see Jenna out on the floor giving it 110% for 4 straight quarters.

This brief introduction to Jenna, like many of the other Values over Victory stories, just touches the surface so keep following along for more!

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