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Jeff Tubbs – OC Basketball

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This is Jeff Tubbs, or also identified on the Coyotes roster card as “Captain”. Jeff is a 3rd-year business major at Okanagan College and 2nd-year Coyotes basketball team member. Kelowna raised, Jeff is back playing ball in the Okanagan after a short stint at TRU. It was TRU that initially recruited Jeff out of high school and figuring it allowed him to remain close with his family, it was an easy choice. The scholarship offered by TRU definitely didn’t hurt the argument to attend. However, Jeff is back in the Okanagan and never been happier for it. The move hasn’t hindered his drive to play professional basketball overseas as he’s still growing and pushing himself to greater highers with the Coyotes. While for some it may seem like a long shot, Jeff saw firsthand a friend get recruited to play in Europe and ever since, has fully committed himself to rise to that same level.

Jeff has always been close with his family and it was his family that got him into basketball in the first place. His dad, a former football player at SFU nearly guarantee Jeff’s athleticism growing up and was the first one to put a basketball into his hands. A father’s job doesn’t stop at the beginning though and Jeff credits his dad for keeping him in basketball when challenges arose that where driving Jeff away from the sport. One of those challenges was his time at TRU. The basketball aspect of the situation was going well, but he had an unfortunate living situation which created a depressive environment away from the court. The off-court situation eventually filtered into the on-court situation and basketball began to feel like less of a passion and more of a job. He credits Dino and his father for keeping him going and getting him back to the Okanagan. Jeff feels this Coyotes team is more family than teammates and that includes the coaching staff. Dino has always been a figure in Jeff’s basketball career after playing for him a number of times on club teams throughout the years. He says Dino does things differently, understands the players perspective better and builds relationships which makes him Jeff’s all-time favourite coach. Looking back at his stint at TRU, Jeff wishes he would’ve stepped back and reminded himself why he was doing it all, which in reality was for the love of the game.

As captain of the Coyotes in their inaugural season, Jeff understands the responsibility on his shoulder but says this group of guys makes it pretty easy as they all share the same “Championship or bust” mentality heading into the season. Maybe it was his high school basketball coach, Kelly Bradrick, or his first university coach, or coach Dino who put the drive in Jeff but regardless, don’t be surprised to see Jeff leading the Coyotes to a championship this season. The Coyotes play Camosun College this Friday in their first league game in the PacWest season!

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