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Jacob Dumas – OC Basketball

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Meet Jacob, one half of another brother-sister combination playing basketball for the Okanagan College Coyotes. A business student in his 2nd year of school, both at OC and playing ball for the Coyotes. A product of Creston, Jacob is no stranger to being a veteran and leader. Since picking up at a young age, Jacob has been a force of basketball wizardry on the hard court and people took notice. It wasn’t just the skill people started to notice, it was a passion and love for the game that drove Jacob to be a leader on and off the court. With two older brothers and a younger sister who looked up to him, Jacob knew the type of person he wanted and had to be.

They say small towns truly shape a the young population and for Jacob, it was in more way then one. After internally deciding in grade 5, the basketball was “his sport”, it didn’t take long for him to start playing competitively. With the full support of his family, including his grandpa who is the Mayor of Creston, Jacob began pushing the competitive envelope for basketball in the interior of BC and around the province. Basketball eventually took away from other aspect but by fully immersing himself in the sport, he got noticed. Other people started looking up to him, even opposing players in that region started looking to him for leadership. An opposing player who suffered a gruesome ACL tear, asked for Jacob, while on the opposing team, to come console the player. Looking back, Jacob knows that the admiration and respect from other players shaped how he played and carried himself.

But where did this drive and passion come from? While many factors attributed to it, Jacob points to an incident while in grade 7 that instilled a unique drive. Being one of the few high level players at a small school, a coach took additional interest in him, wanting him to succeed. They talked about Jacob’s future in basketball, where he has the potential to take himself and much more. Unfortunately, this coach unexpectedly took his own life which instilled that a fire in Jacob to follow the path these two discussed multiple times.
WIth the fire in him cooled and now playing basketball for the pure enjoyment, don’t be surprised if you see Jacob on the court giving backdoor passes to teammates under the hoop. Giving is in his family after all with a brother who went to help Japan after the tsunami in 2011 and a mother who gives tirelessly to her Christian faith. Jacob and the rest of the Coyotes team are back in action for the start of the 2018-19 preseason this weekend in Penticton so get down and support the Okanagan Coyotes! Keep following along for more inspiring and exciting stories of the Coyotes team!

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