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Eric Langlois – OC Basketball

By November 1, 2018 No Comments

Time to get to know Eric as you’re going to see him around the Okanagan College Coyotes Men’s team quite a bit this year! Eric is in his first year at Okanagan College and subsequently his first year on the Coyotes basketball team. However, his path is not the typical one as the Kelowna born rookie has a little more life experience than most others on the team. Eric is 23 years old and has been out in the workforce for a few years. The timing was right so Eric enrolled in the Psychology program at Okanagan College and messaged Dino after meeting him at a Regional Training Camp session. Once Dino expressed interest, Eric started taking days off to correspond with team training days and the rest, as they say, is history.

Admittedly, he didn’t always have the talent to jump on a college team after taking a number of years off. He picked up basketball in grade 8 and started like anybody does at the beginning, terribly. That changed quickly as he helped lead Kelowna Christian School to an A Championship in grades 10 & 11. This was followed by a AA championship in grade 12 which firmly cemented the lifelong love for the game. Eric wasn’t always the star but had the unique ability to accept his role and ensure he’d be the best at that position. His analytical approach to the game assisted with his ability to break down the role he was tasked with and perfect each part of it. Tons of repetition, self analyzation, and practice helped Eric through his career but he attributes his openness to constructive criticism from coaches a crucial factor as well. As a first year Coyote, he using that same mentality to push the starters in practice and ensure they don’t get complacent in their role.

Eric’s hard work was instilled by his mother and father, where his father’s career in construction passed many life lesson on to Eric. His father taught the meaning of “working hard’ and how to do whatever it takes to get “it” done. This didn’t come without sacrifice as it took his dad up north for much of the year which allowed Eric to attend private school. With retirement around the corner, Eric is excited to have such an important figure in his life in his corner and hopefully in the stands before long. Catch Eric and rest of the Coyotes as they embark on their 1st PacWest season November 2nd!

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