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Deziree Day – OC Basketball

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Say “Hi” to Deziree or “Dez” for short, a true example of homegrown talent. Born in Kelowna, raised in Kelowna, now pursuing post-secondary education right here in Kelowna. The 1st year guard in now chasing a business degree at Okanagan College after graduating from KSS last spring. Coming off a provincial championship in her last year of high school, Dez wants to keep the momentum rolling entering her first year as a Coyote. Like many teammates from around the Okanagan, it was the Coyotes coaching staff that drew Dez to the program. Demonstrating her skill and work ethic throughout her high school years, caught the College coaching staff attention and her proximity to the program made it easy for them to watch her development.

Despite the obvious affinity and talent for basketball, Dez actually started out as a dancer. It was a transition from dance to sports that forever changed her path. The team aspect of sports, both at a team level and community level, that help ease the transition into a come collaborative environment. Sports created new friendships that like the memories it provides, will last forever. Like most young athletes, a life in sports started with soccer but soon gave way to basketball. Dez loves the Okanagan basketball community, those on the court and also the greater community in Kelowna. That love was fostered by coach Brian Demug, who had a huge impact on Dez at KSS, being a coach in one sport or another for 5 years. While Brian influenced Dez from the school side, it was the support for her family, including 3 younger sisters, who pushed her from the personal angle. Safe to say, paving a positive path as a role model for three younger sisters is sure to challenge anybody.

You’ll be sure to see Deziree competing for a spot on this years inaugural PacWest Coyotes team and regardless the outcome you’ll be guaranteed to see her encouraging and pushing her teammates to greater heights. That positivity comes from listening to her own advice of being mentally tough, regardless of circumstance. Be sure to catch Dez and the rest of the OC Coyotes this weekend at Immaculata and keep following along for more inspiring player stories!

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