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Davide Cianco – OC Basketball

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Say ciao to Davide, a veteran Coyotes guard and proud Italian turned Kelownan. Like a number of his teammates, Davide started out at UBCO but left because the coach didn’t believe in him and Davide felt it’s sometimes better to let those people go than to hold grudges. It was the newly formed Okanagan College basketball program drew Davide down the road. Born in Parma, Italy, Davide first picked up a basketball at 5 years old, following in the footsteps of his father and older brother. It was just 2 years after, that wanting to try something new, his family relocated to the Okanagan. With family in Vancouver, they settled in Kelowna and as they say, the rest is history.

Initially, the move wasn’t easy for Davide as there was a considerable language barrier and culture shock. However, it was the act of holding his new classmate’s soccer ball hostage until they included him which first broke the barrier. With the competitive edge fuel from battling with an older brother, Davide continued to flourish in the Okanagan. After a brief stint back in Italy for his grade 6 year, where he faced and overcame many of the same challenges from his first move, Davide was back in the Okanagan for good. As a key piece of the KSS basketball team, staying close to home with the full support of his family only made sense for the next step.

Davide attributes his success to both Dino and his mom, dad and brother, who have continually supported his decisions and understood making them himself would help him grow. He remains eternally thankful for the support of his family to keep pushing and supporting him. With many influences in his life, from family to basketball, it may be his Italian roots pushing him to pursue architecture in parallel with a PacWest championship. Looking back he says it’s important to be patient, as it’s often hard to see the outcome in the heat of the moment. There will be a lot of excitement and “heat” surrounding the Coyotes this year as their inaugural PacWest season gets underway this November. Be sure to follow along for more Values over Victory stories and get to know your Okanagan College Coyotes Basketball teams!

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