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Danielle Rucco – OC Basketball

By November 1, 2018 No Comments

Say “Hello” to Danielle Rucco a 2nd year leader on the Coyotes and 3rd year Arts student at the Okanagan College. She hopes the Arts route leads her down the Education path, particularly in the fields of English and/or Psychology. These paths often open up opportunities to teach and spread knowledge overseas which Danielle definitely sees in her future should the chance arise. Growing up in Penticton, Okanagan College was the obvious choice for Danielle to pursue both a degree as it’s close to home but not too close as she puts it.

When saying Okanagan College was the obvious choice for Danielle, it runs so much deeper than the proximity to home. For starters, Danielle is proud to be making history with this young program, setting the precedent for years to come. She believes this team offers a unique opportunity to build something with her best friend at her side both on the court and in the classroom. That best friend is Megan Blair, a fellow Okanagan College Coyote and starting small forward alongside Danielle. Danielle and Megan grew up together in Penticton, playing a number of sports together and Megan was a big reason Danielle decided to play basketball at the college. Being a veteran and leader on the team offers Danielle an opportunity to be a role model to the Jr. Coyote players. She finds it cool to have other girls look up to her but understands the pressure of that moving into the season. With all the reason to play ball and attend Okanagan College, as mentioned, it was the obvious location for Danielle’s post-secondary stretch of her life.

There were many reasons for Danielle to choose Okanagan College, but there were also a number of people who got her into basketball and sports in the first place. It was her dad who initially got her into sports with soccer and basketball, coaching her in both. The #5 she now wears actually was inspired by her soccer hero, Andrea Neil, a Canadian soccer player. Danielle’s love of basketball eventually overtook soccer but the number has remained to this day. In addition, she credits influences like her best friend Megan, high school coach Mr. Goodis, junior coach Dan Van Os, and current coach Andrew Gini all contributing to her success on the court as she feels they all saw a greater potential in her and pushed Danielle to see it herself.

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