Values over Victory is a social good initiative driven by athletes to encourage children
to showcase their values to the world both on and offline.

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Values over Victory is focused on keeping children safe online by highlighting the stories behind the stat line and instilling in our children the responsibility to be a positive figure online. We want to create a movement of peer-mentors and positive social media advocates to ensure every child receives love both on and offline.

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We know social media literacy and mental health education are becoming essential components to growing up in today’s computer-centric world. That is why we are educating students, parents, coaches and the community at large on how to identify troubled interactions. Through downloadable material and professional coaching sessions, we want to empower every single person to see the signs.

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The issue this initiative is addressing is no longer a problem at home, or at school, it’s now becoming a community issue. That is why we work with and continue to look for, community partners to help us educate, protect and inspire the next generation of our society to change how the social world is shaped.

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Sharing Our Stories

The players share their stories to show children life takes many paths but sticking to your values can get you to where you want to be.

Visiting Classrooms

Players visit classroom around the community talking on and teaching the rights and responsibilities of social media users.


Team members are taught how to be a peer-mentor, identifying troubling online interactions and intervening with positivity.


The local and regional tournaments can include a mental health component for players, parents, and coaches.

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